Empowering Innovators

Discover the Funding Council's pivotal role in fueling the growth of our incubator.

Empowering Social Pixl members through funding and support

The Funding Council at Social Pixl was formed to provide financial support and guidance to members who have innovative game ideas or coding projects. Our objective is to foster creativity and entrepreneurship within our community by offering funding opportunities and mentorship. By joining the Funding Council, members can present their games or ideas to our in-house council and potentially receive funding for a percentage in the company. We believe in the value of investing in our members' potential and helping them turn their dreams into reality.


Pitching Games and Ideas to the Council

Learn how to submit your game or idea to the council and get funded for your project. Follow these guidelines and presentation tips to increase your chances of success.

Submission Guidelines

1. Provide a detailed description of your game or idea.

Presentation Tips

1. Practice your pitch and be confident in presenting your project.

Empowering Creators: How Our Funding Council Transforms Careers

Discover the success stories of creators whose projects were funded by our council and witness the transformative impact it had on their careers.

From idea to reality: Funded game development projects

Coding dreams come true: Supported website and app creations

Unleashing talent: The council's effective funding strategies


Criteria used by the Funding Council

The Funding Council evaluates projects based on their innovation, feasibility, and market potential.

Innovation Criteria

The Funding Council considers the level of innovation demonstrated by the project.

Feasibility Criteria

The Funding Council assesses the feasibility of the project's execution.

Market Potential Criteria

The Funding Council evaluates the market potential of the project.


Meet Our Team

Get to know the members of our Funding Council

John Doe

Bringing years of experience in finance and investment to the council

Jane Smith
Vice Chairman

Leading the council with a strong focus on strategic planning and growth

Michael Johnson
Financial Analyst

Analyzing financial data and providing valuable insights for investment decisions

Emily Davis
Legal Counsel

Ensuring legal compliance and providing guidance on corporate matters

David Wilson
Marketing Specialist

Developing and implementing effective marketing strategies to drive growth

Sarah Thompson
Operations Manager

Efficiently manages the day-to-day operations of the Funding Council

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We're hiring!

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The funding council at Social Pixl has been instrumental in turning my game idea into a reality. Their support and guidance throughout the funding process has been invaluable.

John Doe

Game Developer, Pixel Studios

Apply for Funding Council Membership

Learn more about the application process and pitch meetings


Contact the Council

For inquiries related to the Funding Council, please use the following contact information:

Send us an email
Give us a call
+1 (555) 123-4567
123 Main St, Anytown, USA


Find answers to commonly asked questions about the funding process, council expectations, and member obligations after receiving funding.

How to apply for funding?

To apply for funding, members need to submit their game or idea to the in-house council. The council will review the submission and determine if it meets the criteria for funding. If approved, the member will receive a percentage of the funding in exchange for a stake in the company.

What are the expectations of the council?

The council expects members to present well-developed games or ideas that have the potential for success. They also expect members to be open to feedback and willing to collaborate with other members. Additionally, the council expects members to use the funding responsibly and make progress towards their goals.

What are member obligations after receiving funding?

After receiving funding, members are expected to continue working on their projects and provide regular updates to the council. They should also be transparent about their progress, challenges, and any changes in their plans. Members should use the funding to further develop their games or ideas and strive for success.

What is the funding process?

The funding process involves members submitting their games or ideas to the in-house council. The council reviews the submissions and selects projects that meet the criteria for funding. Once approved, members receive a percentage of the funding and become part of the company. The council provides guidance and support throughout the development process.

How does funding benefit members?

Funding provides members with the financial resources they need to bring their games or ideas to life. It also gives them access to the expertise and guidance of the council, who can help them navigate the challenges of game development. Additionally, funding increases the chances of success and opens doors to potential partnerships and opportunities.

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