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Artists can register as writers, illustrators, voice actors, editors, or producers and collaborate with others to self-publish their stories.

Publish and Gain Traction: Highlighted stories get funded

Stories that gain enough traction will be highlighted and qualify to receive funding as transmedia projects.

Stream and Interact: 3D mocap shows on our platform

Our streaming production platform offers an interactive network for 3D mocap shows.

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Join our Manga Platform and unleash your storytelling potential. Receive valuable feedback, build a loyal following, and turn your ideas into reality.

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Share your work, receive constructive criticism, and collaborate with fellow creators in our vibrant community.

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Grow your fanbase, gain recognition, and increase your chances of getting your story funded.

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Write, illustrate, voice act, edit, and produce manga stories with ease.

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Connect with other artists, writers, and voice actors to bring your manga stories to life.

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Gain visibility and funding for your manga projects through our transmedia production process.

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Join our vibrant community of creators and showcase your talent to a global audience. With the Manga Platform, you have the opportunity to gain exposure, receive community support, and even get your work funded for transmedia production.


Reach millions of manga enthusiasts worldwide and build a dedicated fanbase for your creations.

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Connect with like-minded creators, receive feedback, and collaborate to enhance your storytelling skills.

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Find answers to common questions about the Manga Platform, including how to get started, collaboration opportunities, and the selection process for funding.

How to get started?

To get started on the Manga Platform, simply register as a writer, illustrator, voice actor, editor, or producer. Once registered, you can collaborate with other artists and self-publish your stories.

Collaboration opportunities

The Manga Platform offers various collaboration opportunities. You can join forces with other artists to create unique and engaging stories that resonate with readers.

Selection process for funding

The selection process for funding on the Manga Platform involves gaining enough traction with your story. Stories that generate significant interest will be considered for funding as transmedia projects.

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