Unleash your imagination with Pixl Media

Pixl Media is an innovative transmedia production company that brings your stories to life through manga, streaming, and more.


Unleash Your Creativity with the Manga Platform

The Manga Platform is a revolutionary space for writers, illustrators, voice actors, editors, and producers to collaborate and self-publish their stories. With a seamless user experience and powerful tools, it empowers creators to bring their ideas to life.


Join a vibrant community of creators and showcase your talent to a global audience.


Team up with like-minded artists and bring your stories to life through collaboration.


Experience Interactive 3D Mocap Shows Like Never Before

Our Streaming Production platform offers a groundbreaking experience with interactive 3D mocap shows. Immerse yourself in the world of entertainment like never before.

Immerse yourself in interactive 3D mocap shows

Experience cutting-edge technology in entertainment

Unleash your imagination with interactive 3D mocap shows

Unlocking New Worlds: Creating Unique IPs Across Entertainment Platforms

At Pixl Media, we are a transmedia production studio that specializes in creating new IPs across various entertainment platforms. Through our innovative pipeline, we bring stories to life through manga, streaming production, and traditional means.

Manga, Streaming Production, Traditional: Unleashing Boundless Creative Possibilities
Explore New Worlds: Engage, Immerse, and Experience Unforgettable Stories

From Manga to Transmedia

Explore our successful transmedia projects

Project One

Discover the exciting journey of Project One

Project Two

Embark on an epic journey with Project Two

Project Three

Experience the magic of Project Three

Project Four

Uncover the secrets of Project Four

Unleash Your Creative Potential

Join our Manga Platform and bring your stories to life.

Discover Interactive Shows on Pixl

Experience the future of entertainment with our interactive streaming platform.

Collaborate with Pixl Media

Join us in creating innovative transmedia projects that captivate audiences.

Working with Pixl Media has been a game-changer for my career. Their innovative approach to transmedia production has allowed me to bring my ideas to life in ways I never thought possible.

John Doe

Creative Director, ABC Studios

Unlocking the Power of Transmedia: Pixl Media's Unique Approach to IP Creation

Pixl Media revolutionizes IP creation and production through an innovative transmedia pipeline.

Streamlined Process

From manga platform to transmedia production, Pixl Media offers a seamless and efficient workflow.

Unlimited Possibilities

Pixl Media explores traditional and contemporary entertainment platforms to bring IPs to life.


From Manga Creation to Transmedia Production

Discover how Pixl Media brings stories to life through our unique process. From the creation of manga to the production of transmedia projects, we provide a platform for artists to showcase their talents and turn their ideas into reality.

Step 1: Manga Platform

Artists register and self-publish their stories.

Step 2: Story Funding

Qualified stories receive funding for transmedia projects.

Step 3: Streaming Production

Interactive streaming network with 3D mocap technology.

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